Transition FAQ

Ask the Board

  Do you have questions regarding the pastoral transition, the interim pastor, or the pending pastoral search?  Submit your questions to the Board here or send an email to


 Q: Who makes up the pastoral search committee and how is it structured?

A: The church’s Constitution and By-Laws stipulates that the committee consists of 3 deacons, 3 elders and 3 elected members of the church. The committee is employing a concept where sub teams are addressing various elements of the search process to ensure the utmost efficiency of the committee's time and skills and to promote the collaborative leadership needed during a period of transition. As a result, the committee has been divided into 6 smaller sub-teams: Policy/Process/Skill Documentation Team This teams’ focus will be on developing the criteria for a candidate to be considered, developing the job description for the new lead pastor and creating information sheets about FAC and the surrounding community that will be shared with potential candidates.
  • Steve Beatty – Board of Deacons Vice-Chair (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Charlie Hall – Board of Elders
  • Grant Black – Membership representative
Resume Review/Data Collection Team This team will be responsible for evaluating all resumes received to determine if the applicant matches the criteria and if so, it will gather additional information on an applicant to determine if they garner further consideration.
  • Tim Bowman – Board of Deacons (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Ron Tindall – Board of Elders
  • Gwenda Plummer – Membership representative
Interview/Visitation Team This teams’ focus will be on developing questions that will be used for initial interviews, conducting those initial interviews and coordinating the logistics required for a second interview with the entire search committee and a third interview with the entire search committee, Board of Deacons and Board of Elders.
  • Dick Prahl – Board of Elders (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Chris Owens – Board of Deacons
  • Mark Shepherd – Membership Representative
  • Gwenda Plummer – Membership Representative
Compensation Team The responsibility of this team is to develop an equitable compensation package to offer to those under serious consideration based on the needs of the church and the current financial environment.
  • Steve Beatty – Board of Deacons Vice-Chair (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Tim Bowman – Board of Deacons
Prayer and Fasting Team The focus of this team will be to coordinate and schedule corporate prayer events for the search committee and the pastor God has planned for our fellowship.  The team will also schedule individual and corporate prayer focus and fasting days.
  • Charlie Hall – Board of Elders (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Ron Tindall – Board of Elders
  • Grant Black – Membership Representative
Communications Team This teams’ focus will be to gather updates and highlights of the various sub-teams and to ensure a steady cadence of communication to the membership through as many modes of communication as possible
  • Chris Owens – Board of Deacons (Sub-Team Lead)
  • Steve Beatty – Board of Deacons Vice-Chair
  • Mark Shepherd – Membership Representative

Q: How will the church be informed of progress during this transition?

A:  The Board will keep you informed through the various communication channels (E-News, church website, church Facebook page, bulletin and verbal announcements).  Also, questions can be submitted through the online form which is linked in this  page or directly to

Q: How long will it take to find a new lead pastor?

A: There is no timeline for when a new lead pastor will be selected. As the decision to bring on a lead pastor is not an easy decision, the Pastoral Search Committee is committed to taking the the time necessary to ensure the correct individual is selected to lead our congregation.

Q: If I know of a pastor who might be a potential candidate, how should they submit their name?

A: Although the Constitution and Bi-Laws of our church allows for names of potential candidates to be submitted by the membership, the Pastoral Search Committee requests that congregants follow this process for submission:

•Reach out to the candidate and ask them to prayerfully consider the senior pastor position at First Assembly Church.

•If they choose to submit their name for consideration, have them send a resume and at least three audio or video examples of their preaching to the following email address:

•Once the material is received, the search committee will reach out to the candidate for further details and information, if needed.


Q. What can I do to support the pastoral search process?

A. The pastoral search committee asks that you set aside specific time each week to pray for our church, the members of the pastoral search committee and the future pastor that God is sending to our church.  The prayer and fasting sub-team of the pastoral search committee has designated Friday’s as the day they encourage the congregation to fast when possible, so we are united in seeking God’s will for our church.  The fast can be for a single meal or the entire day or can be a fast from something other than food, as long as you are spending time praying and seeking God for the future leader of our church and those who are actively working to find
God’s will in selecting that leader.